Zombies attack campus

By Calvin Swanson

Students across the University of Minnesota may be armed with Nerf guns in case of a zombie attack. Buildings are safe zones, while the sidewalks and streets are unsafe from the blood-thirsty undead.

More than 100 University of Minnesota students a participating in a week long game of Humans vs. Zombies, according the Minnesota Daily, and is hosted by the Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts. MAZE is the only University student group that is dedicated to zombies, according to the MAZE website.

The game started Monday in the Northrop Mall area and has been played throughout the entire Twin Cities campus, according to the Minnesota Daily. The rules are simple, survive.

The game starts out with six zombies whose goals is to tag humans and turn them into zombies, according to the Minnesota Daily. The rest of the people are humans, and they must survive by not being tagged by a zombie.

Humans are allowed to be armed with a Nerf gun, which stuns the zombie allowing the human to get away, and also wear a bright-yellow band on their arm. Zombies meanwhile, are equipped with nothing but hunger and a band on their hear, according to the Minnesota Daily.

All participants are required to register on the Humans vs. Zombies website, the Daily stated.

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