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By Calvin Swanson:

A 29-year-old Roseville man has been arrested on the suspicion of murder after he struck three people walking on a sidewalk, killing one of them and driving off last week.

Police arrested Timothy Ayman Bakdash Thursday at his workplace, according to a St. Paul Pioneer Press article. He is being held at Hennepin County jail without bail due to the probable cause of attempted murder, according to a Star Tribune article.

Benjamin Van Handel, 23, of Appleton Wis., died Thursday, six days after he was struck by Bakdash's car just outside of Dinkytown, according to the Star Tribune. Bakdash's car was traveling the wrong way on SE. 5th Street near 12th Avenue. Two pedestrians, Katelynn Hanson, 21, and Sarah Bagley, 21, were also hit but did not suffer any serious injuries.

It is not know whether the suspect was under the influence of drugs or aclohol, according to the Star Tribune. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported information from witnesses led police to Backdash.

Lynx select Uconn great with first pick

By Calvin Swanson

After an illustrious four-year college career with the Connecticut Huskies, Maya Moore has another feat to be proud of. The Minnesota Lynx made the superstar guard the number one overall pick in the WNBA draft Monday

Moore led UConn to two national titles, a 90-game winning streak and a 150-4 record during her four-year tenure, according to a Star Tribune report. The former two-time AP player of the year averaged 22.8 points-per-game this season, according to a ESPN article.

The Lynx organization now has something to smile about and can finally be optimistic coming off another dismal season where the Lynx went 13-21, according to ESPN. The franchise has made only two playoff appearances and has yet to win a playoff series, according to the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune reported Moore's college career came to close after losing to Notre Dame 72-63 in the Final Four. Moore put up 36 points in the Huskies' loss.

ESPN reported Moore is the second straight number one overall pick out of UConn. Tina Charles was selected with the first pick by the Connecticut Sun in 2010 and went on to win the WNBA's rookie of the year award.

Zombies attack campus

By Calvin Swanson

Students across the University of Minnesota may be armed with Nerf guns in case of a zombie attack. Buildings are safe zones, while the sidewalks and streets are unsafe from the blood-thirsty undead.

More than 100 University of Minnesota students a participating in a week long game of Humans vs. Zombies, according the Minnesota Daily, and is hosted by the Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts. MAZE is the only University student group that is dedicated to zombies, according to the MAZE website.

The game started Monday in the Northrop Mall area and has been played throughout the entire Twin Cities campus, according to the Minnesota Daily. The rules are simple, survive.

The game starts out with six zombies whose goals is to tag humans and turn them into zombies, according to the Minnesota Daily. The rest of the people are humans, and they must survive by not being tagged by a zombie.

Humans are allowed to be armed with a Nerf gun, which stuns the zombie allowing the human to get away, and also wear a bright-yellow band on their arm. Zombies meanwhile, are equipped with nothing but hunger and a band on their hear, according to the Minnesota Daily.

All participants are required to register on the Humans vs. Zombies website, the Daily stated.

Target Field beer man won't be returning

By: Calvin Swanson

Wally McNeil (known as Wally the Beer Man) will not be yelling out "get your cold beer" at Target Field anymore after he was acquitted for selling alcohol to a minor last September at the stadium.

McNeil, 76, of Plymouth, decided to step away from the beer vending gig, and instead of handing out cold beers in a open-air stadium on a Minnesota summer day, McNeil will be bartending three blocks away at Sneaky Pete's, before and after every Twins game, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported.

The Star Tribune reported, McNeil will likely head over to Target Field during some of the games to watch the Twins battle it out on the diamond and to socialize with fans.

McNeil had been selling "cold ones" to Twins fans since 1982, according to the Pioneer Press, even before the Twins won their first World Series Title in 1987.

The Star Tribune reported McNeil was aquitted on charges of selling alcohol to minors in 2010, while the St. Paul Pioneer Press stated he was aquitted on charges of selling alcohol to a minor. The St. Paul Pioneer Press also reported that McNeil said the union thought he could get his job back, but he decided it was time to move on.

By Calvin Swanson:

The Minnesota Senate passed a bill Wednesday that will cut spending on health programs, which could save the state $1.6 million over the next two years.

The bill passed 37-26 in the Senate, according to a Minneapolis Star Tribune article. The bill is heavily favored by Senate Republicans and is part of their solution to reduce the state's $5 billion deficit.

If passed, the bill could hurt smaller programs such as Meals on Wheels, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The bill would also prohibit state financing on the federal health care overhaul, according to the Star Tribune.

Republicans have created the bill in order to prevent raising taxes in Minnesota, while Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton insists on less cuts and raising taxes.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press also reported the Senate has passed another cost-cutting bill Wednesday that will ultimately freeze government work pay, deeply affect employee health insurance and cut budgets for Minnesota agencies.

The Star Tribune did not report on the second bill.

Baseball statistician, Minn. native dies at age 83

Calvin Swanson

Glenn "Gos" Gostick's love surrounded the game of baseball. The man who is known for his pen-and-paper stat-keeping skills died after a heart attack last week at the age of 83.

Gostick is a University of Minnesota graduate and a north Minneapolis native until 2009, according to the Pioneer Press. He was heavily involved in the game of baseball as he worked for the Minnesota Twins, worked as a trainer, umpired college, high school and amateur baseball.

Gostick's most prominent legacy may be what he can do with a pen and paper. As he became the Twin's scorekeeper in 1980, Gostick became not only a great stat keeper but he gained the ability to analyze baseball players and make firm judgments of their value to the game, according to the Star Tribune. He had the ability to look beyond the players' numbers and sense their intangibles and what they brought to the game.

The Star Tribune reported more information about Gostick's life away from the stat desk. He is a lifelong bachelor who owned not a single computer despite being an avid stat keeper. A man who may have bode well in the 1800s, Gostick did not have running water his north Minneapolis home; he showered at the local hockey rink.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported his career rather than his professional life. "He was a walking encyclopedia of baseball trivia and published a book on high school coaching."

U grad students to redesign Nicollet Mall

Twenty University of Minnesota graduate architecture students are spending a week redesigning Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

The students are working on their "Catalyst project" through Friday at the IDS Center's Crystal Court in Minneapolis, according to a Star Tribune story. The project is part of the College of Design's School of Architecture.

The goal of the project is to do something different and improve the mall by redesigning it completely, giving it new life, The Minnesota Daily reported. The students will present their plans to Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and the city council.

The Star Tribune stated that government members of Minneapolis plan to attend the workshops to provide feedback to the students.

The graduate students project is all part of a Minneapolis redesign plan, which focuses on the vision of what downtown Minneapolis should shape up to be in 15 years, according to The Minnesota Daily.

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