Army Times Presidential Election Poll


The Army Times, a newspaper not owned by the US Army, but rather by the same publicly-traded media company that owns USA Today, recently conducted a Presidential poll among members of the military. It found that Romney is leading Obama 2-1.

The newspaper conducted the poll via email, contacting only subscribers of Military Times newspapers (Army Times, Air Force Times, etc.). Most subscribers of these newspapers tend to be senior-enlisted/senior-officers, thus the poll is "skewed slightly toward servicemembers who have made the military their lifelong career." The respondents were also overwhelmingly white (80%) and male (91%). In describing this measured military-demographic, the Army Times appropriately labelled it the "professional core of the military."

In total, 3,100 servicemembers responded to the poll. Of which, 66% support Romney, while 26% support Obama. In issues facing the nation, the economy is at the top of servicemembers' minds with 66% of them rating it the number one issue in the election. In contrast, only 1% rate the war in Afghanistan as the nation's biggest issue, compared with 16% in 2008. One Army Captain cited the troops' salaries and ability to get a job should they separate from the service as the main factors for their concerns about the economy.

The online version of the poll does not list a sampling error, or confidence level. However, I read the print version (which compelled me to blog about this particular poll in the first place), and they were listed there.

Furthermore, the poll established validity in that it did properly measure members of the military. The newspaper can distinguish between its military and civilian subscribers by sending emails only to subscribers with addresses ending in,, etc. To get an email address like that, you must be in the military.

Lastly, the poll established reliability as it showed the same Conservative slant in the politics of servicemembers that polls have shown in the past. According to UNC-Chapel Hill Professor of Military History, Richard Kohn, "the poll really tracks with the traditional [conservative] views of the military."

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