NFL Fun Facts


Playing on the spirit of presenting research in a fun and entertaining manner using infographics like the ones we made in class, I've decided to blog on this infographic which presents a variety of random facts about the NFL.

When it comes to information, the NFL has no shortage of it. They record data and statistics with such meticulous detail, that a person suffering from OCD would seem completely normal in comparison. Every kick, catch, pass, and run gets jotted down for the record books.

When it comes to presenting such data, the NFL takes a note from our Moodle reading, "Research With Legs." During broadcasts they show only statistics that are relevant to the current game, often with footage of past feats. For example, when Drew Brees was getting ready to break Johnny Unitas' consecutive-games-with-a-passing-TD record earlier this season, they showed the number of games Johnny Unitas went with passing TD's as well as some video of Unitas playing the game. They did not show irrelevant stats like the longest field goal or longest kick return.

On the web, however, journalists, analysts, and bloggers all struggle to present information about the NFL in an intriguing light. Unless there's some information to put out with direct relevance to current events regarding the game, viewers are not likely to stop and view it. So many must resort to eye-catching infographics like the one linked too above. The information contained in this one is completely random, yet the interesting graphic helps keep the attention of the viewer.

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