December 4, 2006

Office Hours

Hi all! I just wanted to let you all know that I will be having my office hours half an hour earlier tomorrow- from 12-1 instead of 12:30-1:30! As always, I hope to see some people stop by!! Thanks!

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November 29, 2006

Check Your Progress

We have about two weeks left of fall semester classes, followed by finals week. Here are the CLA 1001 assignments needed by December 6:

* Attend a checkback appointment with your CLA adviser
* Drop in for the second office hour visit with your CLA 1001 instructors
* Attend your second campus event and write about your experience
* Submit reflection on the "Seeking Clues from Our Younger Years" assignment
* Submit major exploration
* Submit faculty interview write-up
* Attend part 2 of Unraveling the Libraries

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November 21, 2006

Jen's Gone for a While!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you didn't forget that starting this week I'm off for 2.5 weeks. I'll be back for class on the 6th. If you have not yet gotten to see me in my office hour or you still need to have your second office hour visit after I return, I will resume my normal Monday 2:30-3:30 and Friday 3:30-4:30 office hour times. If those don't work for you, please email me or catch me in class on the 6th to arrange a different time to chat.

See you in a couple of weeks! Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Don't forget about your assignment over break...)

: )

November 9, 2006

Seeking Clues from our Younger Years

Wednesday, November 22 there is no CLA 1001 class. Most likely, you will all be preparing to spend some extra time over the long Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. As you reconnect with the people who know you best, take time to reflect on what you were like as a youngster. What do your friends and family say about you as a kid that gives you insight into what you're like now?

Read on for more information on the assignment due by December 6.

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November 7, 2006

Spring Semester Registration

Spring registration is just around the corner! Does it seem too early to "think spring" when we have hardly begun winter? I think so.... None-the-less, you should be preparing to register.

When do you register, you ask? You will receive information in your U email account, but you can also check it out here. Freshmen (those with less than 30 credits complete) register in STAGE 7, starting November 27th. Never fear, this registration won't be nearly as difficult as what you experienced this summer, and you should have no problems getting into the courses that you need and want.

You should also have already seen or have scheduled your checkback appointment with your academic adviser. Appoitments are booking up and in many cases communities are booked through the end of November. Call your advising office or email your adviser to see about possibly getting an appointment. Remember that this is a required portion of this course and (if you see someone other than Christine or me) you need to let us know when you have had this appointment. If you don't let us know, we cannot give you credit!!!

Good luck, and happy spring planning! : )

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October 30, 2006

Jen's Office Hours

Hi Everyone!
My apologies to those of you who were hoping to attend my office hour today, October 30th. I am home sick and will be unable to make it. I will, however, hold a MAKE UP office hour on Friday the 3rd from 2:30-4:00 (an extended office hour this time).


Remember how I mentioned in class that I wouldn't be availble for some of my office hours in the future? November 20 & 27 and December 4th I will not be on campus. PLAN AHEAD! I am MORE than willing to make special arrangements with you so you can see me (we can either meet at Caribou at a different time or we can meet in my office in B-18 Johnston Hall), but you need to contact me so that can happen. Let me know when you'd like to come in so you're sure to get your second office hour visit in!

See you Wednesday (I hope!!!).

Police and other emergency resources

I want to take a moment to point out some of the emergency services available to students on our campus. It's pretty difficult to research your options when you're in the middle of a bad situation, so here are some things to know in advance.

Here's the University police web site It's a surprisingly great resource. You can file a report on-line, get crime alerts and statistics and more.

Always, the simplist thing to do is to call 911. If you call from a University phone, you'll be connected with the University police. If you call from a cell phone or other off-campus phone, you'll be connected with the right first responder for your location. On campus, there are emergency phones with blue lights. Use one if it's close by.

Boynton health service has information on its web site too Click on "Location and Hours" for after-hours information. More details on after-hours assstance is on If you're near Fairview University hospital, you can go to the emergency room. Just know that if you request urgent or emergency attention, the triage person will ask you for your health insurance card. I recommend you carry your card (or a photocopy of it) in your wallet at all times. Put it right beside your driver's license, cash card, and U-Card.

For sexual assault and domestic violence situations, you can contact the Aurora Center There's a 24-hour help line.

Other counseling is available at Boynton and at University Counseling and Consulting Services

I hope this will give you background information that might prove useful if something bad happens to you or one of your friends. Thinking in advance about what to do is a good idea.

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October 27, 2006

New Office Hour for Christine

Hi, everyone - I've changed my office hours for the second half of the semester. I'll be in the same place (Starbucks at Coffman), same day (Wednesdays) but the hours are 11 a.m. to noon.

If a different time would be more convenient for you. please e-mail me at or call.

I look forward to seeing you!

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October 25, 2006

Faculty Interview

Thanks, everyone, for the e-mail messages about your choice of faculty member to interview. Here are some ideas on information you can gather before the interview. It might help you prepare questions that are a little bit specific.

What is the faculty member's rank? You can find title and contact information by going to OneStop and entering the faculty member's name into "Search U of M People." It's good to know if the person you'll be interviewing is a graduate student, new professor or a senior professor. We'll talk about this in class.

What do you already know about the faculty member? What can you find out? Think about what you already know. Is there anything you want to ask about in the interview? Try to find out more. For example, you may find a personal web site listed when you search for your faculty member on OneStop. You can also go to the web site for the department where your faculty member teaches. There's usually a faculty directory, including teaching and research interests.

Prepare several questions in advance. Now that you know a bit about your faculty member, what do you want to talk about in the interview? If you chose your faculty member because she or he is a very good teacher, you might want to ask what experience led to that teaching skill. If you're interested in the faculty member's research, ask about it. You can find out what other courses the faculty member teaches. Maybe you want to know more about those.

I hope these suggestions help. Jen and I are looking forward to reading your interview reports. From what you've told us so far, it sounds like you'll have some great conversations. Continue reading of you'd like more information on faculty titles.

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October 13, 2006

Unravel 1: Orientation to the Libraries & Tour of Wilson Lib.

The web site is
You can register here for a session. We hope doing this now will help you with the research paper you’ll do soon for composition.