September 27, 2006

Snooze your way to high test scores!

Hooray for the upcoming Psyc 1001 exam! Okay, maybe you're not as excited as I am. A few things for you, in light of your first exam (that we're aware of, at least).

1. Snooze your way to high test scores. I saw this on BoingBoing this morning and just had to share.

2. Study session for the upcoming psych exam! We'll talk about this in class today, but think about which day (Thursday or Friday) might work better for you to review for the exam. Studies show that reviewing in a group is more effective than reviewing alone, and you will have the assistance of your fantastic Psych TA and me! What could be better? Perhaps the fact we'll also provide pizza and other goodies...

Posted by rude0044 at September 27, 2006 9:43 AM