January 19, 2007

Follow Phoebe's Studies and Adventures in Ecuador

Phoebe is going to be blogging from Ecuador. She is on the MSID Ecuador program. She's flying to Ecuador on January 22, and she plans to update her Blog regularly!

Here's Phoebe's blog: http://phoebemilan.blogspot.com/

MSID Ecuador is a program that many U of MN Student choose each year. If you'd like to find out more about the program, contact the Learning Abroad Center at http://www.umabroad.umn.edu/index.html

Thanks, Phoebe, for letting us post a link to your blog here! Looking forward to your updates!

October 27, 2006

And you thought Spanish in the classroom was tough . . .

Canyoning just north of merida.JPG
Here's a picture we got from Tom, who went to Venezuela in summer 2006. He chose his program because it was an opportunity to meet the second language requirement. And he got some adventure to boot! He can now add Spanish language proficiencty to his resume, which should open up some opportunities if he continues to be interested in health care. Did you choose an international experience that was NOT directly related to your main academic or career interests? How did it work out for you?

August 15, 2006

Biology lessons on the beach in Costa Rica

Bio beach.png

Have you done science field work abroad? Science classes? Click on "comment" and tell us your story.

Favorite Words I Used Abroad

Were there words or expressions you used during your international experience that just don't have an English translation? Where were you? What language were you using? What was the word or phrase? What does it mean? Give an example of a situation where it's the only way to say what you mean.

Christine Swanson with students in Cameroon 1999

New Picture.png

I'm an adviser in the College of Liberal Arts. Here's a picture of me with some of my students at the University of Buea in Cameroon, West Africa. We were visiting a neighborhood elementary school in May 1999.

August 14, 2006

Getting and giving medical advice in Africa

Doctors wo borders.jpg

Did you work, volunteer or do an internship in health care abroad? Click on "Comment" and tell us about it. Where were you? What did you do? How does this experience fit into your long-term academic and professional plans? Did you see health issues abroad that you would not expect to see in the United States? What were they? Where?

One can be a prolific reader of literature regarding healthcare disparities in developing countries, but once one touches this firsthand they can be profoundly moved. When confronted with a five-year-old villager whose teeth are so filled with cavities that he can barely eat, one cannot help but be moved, moved nearly to tears.
Click on "Comments" for more from Christi in Senegal

I had the opportunity to work on some research in Senegal in West Africa over the summer of 2006. I spent much of my time in Dakar, the capital city, but I also got to travel to some other parts of the country during my nine week stay. I was investigating public health services available to people living with HIV/AIDS and I was working with associations of people living with AIDS.
Click on Comments" for more from David in Senegal

The logistics of returning

Do you have questions about the logistics of coming back home? Reconnecting with your major department? Finding the right volunteer and internship opportunities? Job-hunting with an international flair? Building the experience abroad into your resume? What concerns have you had? If you have advice to offer . . . please do!

Anecdotes, journal entries, letters from the field

Do you have parts of letters or journal entries you'd like to share? Short essays? Recollections? We'd love to see them

What was it like to come home?

How did it feel to come back to your home, to your community, to your University? What was strange? What were you happy to get back again? How are you sharing your experience with others?