Entry #15: Shoppers, Sales Records being trampled


RESTON, VA, November 25, 2012 - comScore (NASDAQ : SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today reported U.S. retail e-commerce spending for the first 23 days of the November - December 2012 holiday season. For the holiday season-to-date, $13.7 billion has been spent online, marking a 16-percent increase versus the corresponding days last year. Black Friday (November 23) saw $1.042 billion in online sales, making it the heaviest online spending day to date in 2012 and representing a 26-percent increase versus Black Friday 2011. Thanksgiving Day (November 22), while traditionally a lighter day for online holiday spending, achieved a strong 32-percent increase to $633 million.

2012 Holiday Season To Date vs. Corresponding Days* in 2011
Non-Travel (Retail) Spending
Excludes Auctions and Large Corporate Purchases
Total U.S. - Home & Work Locations
Source: comScore, Inc. Millions ($) Millions ($)
2011 2012
November 1 - 23 $11,832 $13,726 16%
Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22) $479 $633 32%
Black Friday (Nov. 23) $816 $1,042 26%
*Corresponding days based on corresponding shopping days (November 3 thru November 25, 2011)

"Despite the frenzy of media coverage surrounding the importance of Black Friday in the brick-and-mortar world, we continue to see this shopping day become more and more prominent in the e-commerce channel - particularly among those who prefer to avoid crowds at the stores," said comScore chairman, Gian Fulgoni. "With Black Friday online sales up 26 percent and surpassing $1 billion for the first time, coupled with early reports indicating that Black Friday sales in retail stores were down 1.8 percent, we can now confidently call it amulti-channelmarketing phenomenon. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving Day - which has historically been a lighter online holiday shopping day - continues to gain steam and grew well ahead of the current pace as more consumers opted to kick off their holiday shopping immediately after the big meal to take advantage of aggressive retailer promotions. With Thanksgiving now behind us and most consumers returning to work tomorrow, we can look forward with anticipation to Cyber Monday, which according to norms we've observed over the past three years should be the heaviest online shopping day of the season with sales approaching $1.5 billion or even higher."

I always wonder how analysts make projections based on previous years behavior rather than looking at specific factors. What are the big-ticket items this year? How do they compare in cost to previous items? How does the stock and demand compare? Are there deals that feature these items?

I'd have to do more research to see how accurate these projections are, but on the surface of it, I'm pretty skeptical.

BONUS ARTICLE: http://www.engadget.com/2008/11/28/doorbusting-at-long-island-walmart-leads-to-workers-death/

What is wrong with people?

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