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Midtown Global Market: Many Tastes, One Place

The Midtown Global Market on East Lake St. is certainly one of a kind. Entering the building, one can encounter half a dozen different cultures all in one place. There are definite Hispanic, Latin American, Asian, and African presences there. It is accessible to nearly everyone, being near a bus stop, not far from the Hiawatha Light Rail, and certainly not a lengthy drive by car. Some of the shops, particularly Holy Land, accepts food stamps for the less fortunate citizens in the area, while just a couple shops down there is an Asian restaurant that charges just under $10 for a meal. The bright atmosphere makes it very welcoming for all along with its moderness. It isn't out of the question to assume that there must have been at least a dozen different ethnic backgrounds represented between the numerous shoppers and customers.

Energy is defined by Webster as "a fundamental entity of nature that is transferred between parts of a system in the production of physical change within the system and usually regarded as the capacity for doing work." To me, this means that energy is something that can be transferred from one object to another. We are taught that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred. I believe this very much especially because it seems logical to me.

The Midtown Global Market has a thriving atmosphere with plenty of room for growth and development. The energy that fills the building is vibrant and constant. One can see the energy transfer in the employees cooking food, the customers eating the food, and in the interactions between the customers and employees. There is a plaza area near the center of the building that has the feel of an outdoor patio. A trio of musicians was playing on a small stage, playing familiar songs to the listening crowd. This is another example of energy transfer. It is evident that the musicians were transferring their energy to the crowd of listeners by simply playing their music. The environment appears so simple to the untrained eye even though it really is extremely complicated. Energy is constantly being transferred in everything we do; the Midtown Global Market is just a single example of the energy all around us in action.