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Blog number 1. Hi, How are you? I'm writing about bikes

Dear Audience,

I will try to avoid the trivialities, as I write this introductory blog, on why I picked this topic. I will not use these means as an opportunity for me to talk about myself, as I would happily do. But, through these successive articles, I invite you to get to know me.

I like bicycles. I like to use them, and abuse them. I would also like to give you some background information, which may constitute the majority of this first attempt. (Please bear with me, I will try to be brief in this attempt, and also skirt the line of using this opportunity as a means of egoistical fashion.)

When I was seven my parents invited a foreign exchange student from Amsterdam to stay on our farm for a year. Needless to say, I was an impressioable girl and was soon riding with her all over the country roads on bicycles. Fast-forward to the present day, and this past-time borders on obsession. I have worked as a bicycle messenger, mechanic, and served on the board of the Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Alliance (MBPA). I have won races, and last weekend was the biggest unsactioned bicycle race of the year in Minneapolis. Last year there was over 300 people that raced in -20F weather. Gladly, the race did not get broken up by the police. Last year, as some are aware there was a large crack down on "renegade" bicyclists during a critical mass protest that some proponents of the crack down feel that it was somehow an early attempt at protesting the Republic National Convention. I thought it might happen again, but Barack was in town so I don't think they paid too much attention to us.

My boyfriend and I rode the race together, and during the competition we had to scale embankments to get to certain roads, and I thought I was losing my vision at one point about two hours into the race. Regardless, the event was fun, and I'm glad we're all up to speed.