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This post should have gone before "Just Do It, Doggy"

DISCLAIMER: I just realized I never actually uploaded this post, so here it is. It is meant to go with the aforementioned post.

Dogs on bikes are hilarious! Actually, that's what I’d like to think - how would I know, it's only a dream. My (semi-new) dog, God bless him, is, I think, quite scared of bikes. It could be me though, I can't help riding wobbly sometimes. I tried the other day to get my dog to run alongside me (with a leash on) while I pedaled, and it didn't work. He ran at more of a diagonal while I was going straight. Second time we tried, I lined the basket of my bike with a nice, soft blanket, and tried to stuff him in, but the dog was ultimately bigger than the basket. And his body really offset the weight distribution that I was used to. Lastly, I tried stuffing him into my bicycle bag, but that clearly was the worst idea, although he didn't pee in it, which was good.

My boyfriend and I are working on getting a trailer to hook up to our bikes and strap him in, but they are really expensive. And besides Burly trailers, there aren't any bicycle trailers distributed through QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) or J&B (don't know what that stands for), the biggest suppliers of bicycle equipment in the U.S.? - Minnesota for sure. The problem with that is if there are no trailers being distributed through these outlets, of which all bike shops in the Cities use, we can't get a deal on them (through certain bike shops), hence being unable to afford such a thing.

The next solution is to make our own! Which is feasible, actually, it would require a joint effort among friends to pull off; welders, machinists, and bicycle mechanic enthusiasts with some time on their hands. Check, check and check. The next step is to get the dog ready for such an adventure -- we might watch some WW II bomber movies or "Homeward Bound" to get inspiration.

The main reason I want to get a way for my dog to cooperatively "ride" with me is because I am sick of driving to the dog park. Do you hear me?! Sick! You have to pay the meter each time, and I usually end up traversing 35W, which sucks, because of construction. The park we go to is too far away to walk or really have him fun alongside the whole time. And the last time I was at the park, the woman's car next to me got her side window smashed in, for shame.

By the end of this summer, hopefully things will be worked out and my dog and I can go everywhere together. Or maybe, I'll look into getting a side-car and we can both wear aviator glasses and white scarves, all the while flapping in the wind.