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What's next?

This is somewhat of a momentous occasion, I have written a lot this semester, a steady amount coming from this class. But, what I really have noticed is that I have covered only a few topics on the subject of bikes. I saw reading in my previous blogs that I normally had a lot more to say on the issue I was writing about, and then either cut myself off, or I didn’t really get to the point I wanted to make at the outset. I think it would be really fun to do that sort of thing for a living. I know it’s possible, writing by bikes and for bikes (whatever that means).

There is a short-story, literature contest, deadline approaching for a certain Dirt Rag magazine. I would like to get something written up. Not because I think I’m an excellent writer, to say the least, but because I think I could do better than the previous winner’s entries. The only stipulation is that it should be bicycle themed, preferably mountain bikes. I asked some of my older guy friends what the story should be about. The stories I had read that were judged previously seemed to appeal to a middle-aged, white guy demography. The magazine readership probably leans that way too (duh!). Well, now as I’m writing this, I’m forming an answer to that question – what the story should be about. They suggested that I embellish the recent Homey Fall Fest 2007 party. Which included at least a 100 people putting numbers on paper plates and zip-tying them to the front of their bikes at a park in South Minneapolis. And then began the process of a very long and slow bike race that involved periodic “feats of strength?. At the end, after snaking through town in some fashion (I’ve never gone), ending up at Minnehaha Falls Park, many miles away, riding through the forest, to the last feat of strength stop. Last year at the final feat of strength, a woman that was riding down metal grating that was propped between two narrow ledges to make a narrow and precipitous bridge in the woods, fell off of her bike into the somewhat shallow ravine. I’m pretty sure she was wearing her helmet, but cut her head open severely, and the ambulance had to come out with a stretcher and haul her out. Apparently, this woman had driven up from Missouri (I think) for the event, and last year had ended up in the same situation, instead that time, she only had a broken arm as a result.

So, with this story in mind, I’m thinking of doing a sort of “What a bad day? thing, ending up with someone dying. Because, I noticed in all the winning stories of the previous 3 or 4 years, someone always dies. And really, all great stories involve the circle of life, birth and death. The making of a man to the demise of a man, blah.

Another English teacher of mine is hooking me up with a graduate student of his (hopefully). I’m not sure of the guy’s name, and my teacher was insistent on he contacting him. But, this graduate student had some travel writing published, and my teacher was certain that he would be interested in telling me about that genre, how the games works, etc. I could talk on and on about bikes, in a way, I guess it is an indirect way to save the planet – and humanity. You know, the lofty goals college students go for.