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The TA, Miss Wilcox was our leader today. She discussed the basis of realism and some key thinkers in that genre. Realism is defined as the dominant school of thought in IR, although everyone is either arguing for or against these theories. Realist thinkers are accused of being amoral or immoral, but they respond that their priorities are elsewhere. For the good of the state. We need to trust the state and everything is in the interest of the state. This is international politics as POWER politics. Three forms of power are military, economic, and power over opinion (propoganda, campaigns). Morality and the harmony of interests are illusions. We went over Morgenthau's principles of political realism; they are the bsae or facts of realist thinking and we must trust these facts as citizens if we are going to help the state. The ontology of realism includes the wars between states, guns and bombs (this is how we now we need to be realistic) IR has a big stake in war, coercion. The states are units of analysis, main actors. Material power is most important, than economic. Realism is scientific and also based on the wisdom of actors. We also went over the general definitions of anarchy, temporality and sovereignty in realist schools of thought. States are in a self-help system, although the heads of a state decide on the exception to the rule. Temporalily speaking the balance of power theory is constant throught time.