August 28, 2007

Research Topics In Urban Education: Some E-Texts

“Global Capitalism and Urban Education� by David Baronov

“Tangling the Knot While Loosening the Strings� by Anthony L. Brown and Keffrelyn D. Brown

“Education in a Globalized Society� by Joseph Carroll-Miranda

“Writing Up Qualitative Research� by Ronald J. Chenail

“Participatory Democratic Education� by Luis Armando Gandin and Gustavo E. Fischman

“Grab� and Good Science: Writing Up the Results of Qualitative Research� by Jane F. Gilgun

Excerpts from The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere by Jurgen Habermas

“Bring in da Noise, Bring in Du Bois� by kecia hayes

“Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century� by Henry Jenkins

“Democratic Urban Education: Imagining Possibilities� by Patrick M. Jenlink and Karen Embry Jenlink

“Introduction: The Power of Hope in the Trenches� by Joe L. Kincheloe, kecia hayes, Karel Rose, and Philip M. Anderson

“Rewriting the Curriculum for Urban Teacher Preparation� by Cynthia Onore

“Hollywood's Depiction of Urban Schools: Documentary or Fiction?� by Amanda M. Rudolph

“Rethinking Learning and Motivation in Urban Schools� by Robert Rueda and Myron H. Dembo

“Writing A Good Read: Strategies for Re-Presenting Qualitative Data� by Margarete Sandelowski

“On Social Imaginary� by Charles Taylor

“Objectivity in Educational Research� by Greg Wiggan