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notes on science/technology of the novel

convention: subtract 434 from the number i posted, and hopefully, with similar formatting, it'll be close.

Just on the first page, we are introduced to the mood organ and the android.

The mood organ allows deckard to wake up happy, but his wife has been neglecting hers, and is thus amidst depression. She feels sorry for the androids and calls Deckard a "muderer".

436--Buster Friendly. a cartoon on tv that provides news and ads for emigrating to other planets. the cartoon is used to make it easier for people to take the constant bad news of this scorched earth.

436-7--Deckard's wife figures out how to dial despair on her mood organ and has scheduled a bout of depression each month. There is a mention of a "recent" war which caused the devestation of earth. We are introduce to the mountibank lead codpiece that will retard the the certain sterility caused by a radioactive atmosphere.

437--contains an argument that shows the reliance on and importance of the Penfield mood organ.

438--regarding elec. animals, organs, teeth, hair etc.

439--radioactive atmosphere makes you sterile. Sterile humans are not allowed to emigrate to other planets. regulars vs. specials

442--shops that manufacture artificial animals. problems with electric animals-voice tape malfunction


444- world war terminus, rand corporation, Synthetic Freedom Fighter were converted into worker droids

445--the fallout from nuclear war is a roaming dust cloud

445-6--androids are custom built and given free to all colonists to other planets. Worker droid or sex-bot?

446--World War Terminus ended 6yrs ago? specials who have had nervous effects of radiation are called chickenheads.

447--John Isidore works at the Van Ness Pet Hospital, which is a front, they actually deal with electric animals.

448--Black "empathy box" w/handles is some kind of electronic device.

449--empathy box allows the user to merge with Wilbur Mercer, a messianic figure that is pained and climbing a mountain. All people using these boxes are telepathically connected.

450--Mercer is some kind of savant. He had the ability to reanimate the dead and was given radiation therapy to destroy this ability. Then he died? become the man in the empathy box.

452--ersatz substitutes for food products


453-4--new, extra clever andys from Rosen Corp. Nexus-6, 10 million neural pathways. smarter than specials

454--Voigt empathy test, developed by Pavlov inst. detects andys from humans

455--voigt-kampff test, involves q's on mercerism

455-6--empathy does not exist in predatory animals...or andys

457--vidscreen phone-call, sydney's guide to animal prices


460--Polokov is the andy that lasered Dave while undergoing Voigt-Kampff test

460-1--WPO (world police org?) worried about Voigt-Kampff labeling advanced schizophrenics as andys.

462--Hover car, new dust-filtering glasses, worn by Rachael Rosen (Nexus-6). Robotic Animals (Deckard thinks and Rachel insists are real, a raccoon and owl, Rachel doesnt know she is an andy).

463--3D TV films, Skoda machine guns

466--Robotics is integral to economy and colonization (like 20thc. automobile)

is about testing Rachael Rosen with the Voigt-Kampff apparatus.

JR Isidore meets Pris Stratton, she is a Nexus-6, same model as Rachael Rosen, which is the name she initially gives herself.


484-6--Isidore picks up a real cat and tries to repair it. The cat dies on the way to the "animal hospital"

487 & 489--Buster Friendly and his ladies, like Amanda Werner, are immortal/not real people.


498--Rick uses a nondirectional Penfield wave transmitter to paralyze everyone in Polokov's apt. He then uses an infinity key to penetrate the building.

500-1--Kadalyi shows off his custom laser tube to Rick. The gun won't fire unless a small control device is held. Kadalyi can also alter the trajectory of the beam. Kadalyi turns out to be Polokov in disguise, his gun won't work because Deckard uses a "sine wave" which converts a laser into normal light.


504--Mentioning of entropy (as opposed to kipple during a narrative on Isidore)

510 through end of chapter--introduction of an alternate San Francisco peopled by androids to make a haven. Deckard gets taken to meet the 3rd andy on his to-do list

in which the duplicate hall of justice and police station are still the setting.

520--explanation of the andy's alternate test, Boneli Reflex-Arc Test. measures response in the upper ganglia in the spinal chord.


522--awesome description of slugs being more valuable than andys. details of the android society on earth. Polokov was "tinkered with".

523--physical description of Boneli Test. Deckard decides not to tell Resch that he is an andy. Deckard is going to use Resch as a tool.

524--Rick says he doesnt have to protect his psyche by calling them "it"

525--false memory systems are ineffective in humans. the police station has a roof field

526--Resch confesses his love for his squirrel Buffy.


527--Resch asks if androids can care for pets. Deckard says they usually can't because most animals need warmth to survive

527-8--The Munch painting that is described is "the scream". Here's a web version:
This version is made to be viewed crosseyed, the stereo image concept is cool on it's own, although i didnt think it looked any different cross-eyed.

528--the other Munch work mentioned may be "Puberty"

530--Yes, "Puberty"

531--Rick asks Phil if he thinks andys have souls.

533--How ca Luba Luft, with a voice like that, be a liability to society?
Andys can hoold their breath to death

535--Phil checks out human. Deckard thinks about how there is no test for empathy towards andys and how Luba Luft was more "real" than Resch is.

536--Deckard tests his empathy for female andys.

537--Phil tells Rick he needs to fuck the andy he's attracted to, then kill her.


538--A bottle of Chablis is very valuable. Wouldnt wineries, distilleries and breweries have been reestablished after WWT as a first priority?

542--Pris tells Isidore her edited story. She was addicted to a synthetic painkiller, silenizine. She loved pre-war science fiction. She mentions canals on Mars in scifi (Bradbury?)

In which Isidore slowly discovers that his new friends are androids by empathic sense (and being told). Once he realizes they are androids, his empathy allows him to want to protect them.

549--eels gophers snakes spiders are precious, not andys.
Roy Baty sets up an alarm that will use a Penfield signal that will cause panic to the intruder.

Rick tries to cure his depression by buying an animal. Unfortunately, only sex with an attractive android will cure his funk.

553--someone can steal a goat trained to butt by shooting it with a "hypno-dart"

554--"the goat, it seemed to Rick, was beautiful."

557-8--More on the empathy box (it has a screen). Rick talks to Iran about his empathy for androids.

560--mercer is not required to surrender his own personality, rick self-pityingly thinks.

561--Mercer tells Rick there is no salvation, but we're not alone. We are all forced to violate the natural law/our personality


565--Rick wonders if androids dream. He reads of Roy Baty's aspirations to sanctify android life and create group experiences with other androids (akin to Mercerism) by experimenting with drugs.

566--The tension that Rachael experiences when realizing that Rick will have to retire a model identical to herself. This tension was evident in the exchange between the three fugitives. The tension seems like a form of muted empathy.

568--Rachael explaining her identification with Pris Stratton as a pseudo-empathy, while conceding that androids are just machines.

569--Rachael admits that her purpose in helping Rick is to identify the characteristics that betray the Nexus-6 as an andy so the Rosen corp. can make "modifications of its zygote-bath DNS factors." resulting in Nexus-7, etc. until the android is undetectable.
Rachael wonders if shell be reincarnated in another prototype.

570--Rachael claims to be empathic about her own survival

570-1--Rachael gives Rick a device that will cancel an android into catalepsy. Neither Rick nor the andys will be able to breathe for a few seconds but humans can function sans respiration.

572-3--Rachael claims she loves Rick. In order to get him back in bed she promises to retire Pris, her double, because Rick claims he will not be able to.


574--Rick thinks she looks more human after her shower after their session.
androids live ~4 years. the problem of cell replacement limits their lifespan.

575--Rick defends Rachael explaining that she is not legally alive but still living, biological, unlike mech. animals.

577--Rachael, threatened by Rick, becomes resigned. Rick notes how different than naturally evolved animals would react.

previous chapter ended with Rachael insisting on listening to Buster Friendly's announcement and this begins with the 3 fugitives insisting likewise to Isidore. As Pris begins trimming off half of the spider's legs, Buster's expose revealing Mercer to be a sham airs.

582--man on tv says he scanned Al Jarry's brain using telepathy.

584--Buster is revealed to be an android. Isidore puts the 3-legged spider out of its misery.

End of chapter--Isidore flips his lid, smashes stuff and makes his way to the empathy box where Mercer admits the truth of the expose, comforts Isidore and restores the spider's legs.


589--Isidore smells Roy's fear at the approach of Deckard.

590--Isidore lets the spider go outside.

591--Rick's inner dialogue about wild animals, etc.

592--Mercer appears and helps warn Rick of the approach of Pris.

594--It was much too easy to retire the Batys, the only improvement in Blade Runner (why Blade Runner?)


595-6--Rick returns home and his goat has been killed by Rachael.

in which a strange hallucinatory experience of Rick's is described. He is in Oregon and thinks he is Mercer. Chapter ends with, "he froze"

603--Rick sees a toad, which are extinct.

606--the toad is electric

608--Iran orders all the accessories necessary for the toad.

Rachael Rosen- had been implanted with someone's memories.

Voigt-Kampff- measures capillary dilation in the face and tension in the eye. (p. 467) thus measures moral reaction.

Tensions--between caring for an electric animal and killing androids, despising his wife while being sexually attracted to robots, giving reverence to stink bugs and despising escaped andys, loving and killing androids, for Phil Resch, believing hisself to be an andy and destroying andys.

Buster Friendly and his Friendly Friends show--like right-wing talk radio


Mood Organ-3 is desire to dial, 888 is desire to watch tv no matter what is on. 670 long deserved peace