River steals 6-year-old girl from father

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ESTACADA, Ore. -- A search is under way for a 6-year-old girl that was swept away by a river Sunday afternoon.

According to msnbc.com, Vinesa Snegur fell into the swift Clackamas River while her father was looking the other way.

"It was just a second of inattention," said sheriff Sgt. James Rhodes, "then, splash, and she fell in. He ran and tried to keep up with her, but he was unable to."

Rhodes said that the girl and her parents, Igor and Marina Snegur, drove 60 miles from their home in southeast Portland to play in the snow. The family parked near the Austin Hot Springs in the Mount Hood National Forest.

The spot has no cell service and is an hour away from the nearest ranger station Rhodes said.

The water temperature Monday was just above freezing when approximately 100 rescue workers searched a four mile stretch of river the Minnesota Daily reported. Trees and roots along with poor visibility imperiled search efforts.

Many streams in western Oregon experienced high water levels as result of a winter storm passing through the region last week. More rain is being forecast this week, raising the possibility of more floods.

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