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This week we discussed numbers in lab. I found it difficult to place the numbers we found important into our story since you can argue for multiple places to put the data.

I looked at a story from WebProNews about a study on the growth of cloud computing.
The author led with the "news" of the study, and simplified the wording to make it understandable.

The next paragraph is a quote from someone affected by the study. Numbers are not used in the quote but are referred to.

Statistics are not in numeral form in certain cases. For example, one sentence uses "account for nearly half" instead of 50 percent or the actual numeral value.

Some stories I found online had sidebars and graphics that "relocated" the numbers relating to the study. In this example, there was a graphic at the bottom of the article that showed projected job-growth for different countries.

I don't think the numbers are overwhelming in the story because of the author's organization and the use of the graphic. Had that not been the case, I think the author could reword the statistics or simplify the terminology used to clarify the content for the reader.

To my knowledge, the author did not crunch numbers to effectively tell the story.

The article references the study in the first sentence and references the data in the graphic at the bottom of the content.

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