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This week we discussed how to properly write an obituary or profile.

I looked at a New York Times obituary on Mel Parnell. It began with a typical lead and overall structure. The only source, however, was Parnell's son.

I think the presentation of the obituary was acceptable. This particular piece focused on the career of Parnell as a baseball player, and included statistics and detailed descriptions of his career.

The obituary differs from a resume because it focuses on key moments in a person's life. In this piece, we hear about the biggest accomplishments of Parnell. There is simply too much information about him to include it all in the obituary. Another difference is sourcing; family members or other acquaintances are not part of a resume.

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I read the obituary and it was pretty average. Maybe a couple of words from other family members would have been nice. And a little more info about his life outside his career. What do you think could have been improved?

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