Major earthquake shakes Mexico

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A major 7.4 magnitude earthquake with epicenter on Mexico's Pacific Coast shook central southern Mexico on Tuesday, causing buildings to sway and sending workers and residents to the streets.

Mexico's National Seismological Survey said the epicenter of the quake was 15 miles east of Ometepec, Guerrero and 10.9 miles underground.

The initial quake near the borders of Oaxaca and Guerrero states was followed by a less powerful, magnitude-5.1 aftershock that also was felt in the capital, Fox News said.

Angel Aguirre, governor of Guerrero, said he had received reports of 500 homes damaged, with some of them knocked down. Cell phone lines went down and traffic snarled in Mexico City moments after the quake, which lasted more than a minute. Some buildings in the capital's trendy district of Condesa were cracked by the quake, the Chicago Tribune said.

Lauren Villagran, a freelance reporter for Fox News Latino, who was walking in the streets of central Mexico City during the quake, told Fox News Latino that there doesn't seem to be major damage.

"Buildings shook, some windows have broken, the facades of some buildings have crumbled, some transformers busted," Villagran said. "The ground started to move, then rocked violently. As many as six aftershocks were felt around the city," she said.

Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard tweeted that there was no visible damage from the air after a helicopter ride and Mexican President Felipe Calderon tweeted that there was no initial reports of major damage.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the inland earthquake would not generate a destructive widespread tsunami, but there was the possibility of some local tsunami effects, the Tribune said.

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Hopefully this isn't a precursor to something worse, the good thing is nothing terrible happened. What's with Mexico and quakes all the time?

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