Does the deviation of these children from the normal distribution indicate that they are inherently inferior (Wheeler par. 1)? This article took in in depth look at children from the Tennessee Mountain area and whether or not decrease in IQ was from increasing influence on poor cultural conditions or defects in process of maturation of intelligence. The tests went on to show that the children's IQ decreases on average two points a year from age 6 to 16. This brings in the nature-nurture debate again. I believe from reading the article that heredity plays a huge factor in this.

They noted facts about inbreeding and other very controversial things that affect the children. Also, they noted from the testing that improvement in education as well as environmental conditions has actually increased their IQ. This supports the nurture side of the debate and proves conditioning can improve intelligence. From Scot Lilienfield text, we know there are different ways of being smart, from interpersonal, to musical intelligence and bodily kinesthetic. The Children in the Tennessee Mountain area had been deprived of many essential environments to help aid proper intelligence growth that generated them to be below average in every category of intelligence. This is very convincing to help convince the importance of heredity as well as the environment for nurturing children's knowledge skills.
Below is an interesting youtube video about the eugenics debate:

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