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Adolescence is a very uncomfortable topic for many people, mainly because of the insecurity of the physical changes one experiences. However, there are many other critical aspects to adolescence. For instance, when puberty hits, brain regions responsible for reward and pleasure kick into high gear, but other regions, involved in decision-making and impulse control, are slower to develop--and don't mature until our mid-twenties (Lunau par. 2). I also would like to share a great quote from this article on adolescence, ""The accelerator is activated before there's a good braking system in place" (Lunau par.2).stress.gif My interpretation is that adolescence stimulates vulnerability for teenagers. In general, adolescents do not evaluate consequences and can often times be very irrational in their decision-making. Another reason for adolescents is college. Children are given their first chance at being self-dependent and experiencing new situations in uncharted waters. With all the freedom available, college students are at risk for failure if they do not think rationally and are undisciplined. A few general examples are drinking, sex, homework, and friends. Procrastination of school work due to partying and socializing with girls can quickly spiral downhill early in school when creating positive habits. Establishing an effective and enjoyable schedule that balances school, sleep, and your social life early in your college experience is very crucial. Often students do homework while checking Facebook and chatting online. Too much multitasking can cause information overload, when the brain's decision-making faculties freeze up, causing stress (Lunau par. 4). Awareness or evaluation of the consequences many daily activities students participate in can allow students to avoid harmful situations and long term effects of habituation.

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Also here is an interesting link to a video on adolescence

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