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"Blank Canvas" final

My idea for my final project is an experimental digital movie.

My plan is to do a drawing in Photoshop and while I'm drawing, the computer will be hooked up to a projector that will project that image onto a blank canvas. Since this is a one time deal, I will record the process on a videocamera to turn into a quicktime movie to show the class.

With this project, I'm hoping for a playful quality that shows the digital media in a new light.


^ a still frame of the final product ^

After I finished this final project, I knew a lot more about iMovie. I had worked with it on the last project, and decided that I would try to push myself a little bit more with it. I played with the audio editing more than anything else. I really like how this peice turned out. It took a lot of hours but I think it's a pretty unique project.