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Our assignment for the random access project was to do something that might go on an extras DVD for this Eleusis movie.

When thinking about what we wanted to do, Kelly and I decided that we wanted to try working with video. We watched some movies that might pertain to this specific topic like Best in Show and other Christopher Guest movies to help us decide what type of style we wanted. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001302/ We took some ideas from those movies and related them to this Eleusis Project. We interviewed 5 people that were in three different areas of the movie from costuming, catering, and set design.

I thought that the interviews were really funny and showed our Christopher Guest style. Overall, I thought it was a good project and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Some movie stills:

Katherene from Costume played by Taryn


Johnny and Sean from Scenic Crew played by Justin and Shawn