September 11, 2006

Crossing the Red Line

Crossing the Red Line is an insight into the future of our world. The article delves into issues such as global warming, carbon credits/incentives, the consumption of fossil fuels and fresh alternative energy ideas. The concerns that are addressed are very real and must be addressed in the definite near future. I agree that the public, namely the American public, did not realize the way that we are consuming oil at such a rapid pace until recently, with gas prices soaring as of late. It is a very good overview of current problems with our world and touches base on many alternative ways that we could extend life on Earth as we currently know it.

rhet 1152w twilight at easter

I feel that Twilight at Easter is a compelling history of Easter Island that draws very real comparisons to modern day Earth; the different clans were isolated on the island and we are in the same situation with our planet. It also points out that we, as a race, have done things that seem absolutely foolish to posterity but were seemingly unavoidable at the time. The example of “Jobs, not trees!? coming from modern day loggers and the chiefs losing their respect and authority if they didn’t continue to make ahu stimulates me to think about what we are doing with our world right now.