Analysis: News lead in story about New York City's soda ban

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An effective lead explains the who, what, where, and when in the first sentence of the story and in the story about New York City's soda ban in the Chicago Tribune, these key elements are present.

By starting the lead with New York City, the reporter emphasizes the where of the story. This is effective in this case, as where the ban is taking place is a vital point to understanding the news.

The lead then specifically mentions the New York City Board of Health, which informs readers that the story concerns changing the healthy habits of the people of the city.

The ending of the lead then explains what the ban concerns and how it would affect businesses. By including specific details on where the ban would take place, the lead effectively lets the readers know how they would be affected once this ban takes place.

The reporter wrote the lead in a traditional hard-news format. This format makes sense because the story was new and the ban had taken place that morning.

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