Analysis: The use of multimedia in the BBC News and the NY Times

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Both BBC News and NY Times incorporate various sources of multimedia elements into their website and news articles.

On BBC News' home page, every top story has a photograph to go along with it. Most of these top stories also are accompanied by a video. The front page also features special news articles in video formats. On their story about the skydiving record, they use various forms of multimedia to complement the story. On the top, the article features a video of the skydiver's take off. In the middle of the article, the article features an audio clip from the skydiver addressing the media after his dive. The article continues to feature several photos, all accompanied by a cutline that explains the photo. At the end of the article, it features a graphic that shows the different aspects of the skydiver's suit and capsule. These multimedia features provide additional insight into the story and let the readers visualize the scene. It appeals to both the visual and auditory senses.

The NY Times website also features many multimedia aspects. While it displays similar photographs and videos to the BBC News, one difference is that the NY Times puts more emphasis on interactive graphics. In their interactive features, the NY Times provides a scrollable timeline of the story. Split apart into sections, each section contains a story, video, and photographs. Each video or photo is accompanied by text that explains the significance and background of the segment. The NY Times also uses interactive graphics that often add a visual element to data statistics.

Both websites effectively use multimedia to lure the readers in and to add additional insight to the stories. The visuals are easy to comprehend and allow the readers to explore more into the topic. The visuals are usually accompanied with text that explains and adds background info and also usually has a link to the full news story.

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