Honors: Interview with Abdul Mohamed about MPR's story on culture

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I interviewed Abdul Mohamed, the Public Relations leader of Ka Joog, on Friday to ask about the Minnesota Public Radio's news feature about their group and how that reflected the cultural identity of the group.

Mohamed said that the reporter represented the group "pretty well" and that it gave a "positive representation of the culture." While it reflected the cultural identity of the group, he also said that the story focused a lot on the group getting the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award and what the group has done more than about the culture.

He also said that the story effectively focused on how the community would regard his organization getting the award and worked as an "eye opener for the community" about this group.

While many other organizations, such as the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune, wrote a feature about his group, Mohamed said that all the stories were pretty similar. He said that the stories shed light on the origins of the organization, the role of the organization in the community, and how the award affects their aims and goals.

"We want things to be felt by the community," Mohamed said and said that he would not have changed anything about the story. While there were other things that were going on with the group that were not mentioned in the story, he said that they would have been unnecessary and would of detracted from the story.

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