Protests in Argentina start against government

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Thousands of protesters marched in the streets of Buenos Aires on Thursday evening to protest the government under President Cristina Kirchner, the BBC News said.

Gathering at the obelisk at the Plaza de Mayo Square in downtown Buenos Aires, people waved Argentine flags and sang the national anthem, the Wall Street Journal said. The top concerns of the protestors included crime, high inflation, and the rumors that Kirchner may seek a third term, the Wall Street Journal said.

The opposition activists used social media to assemble the protestors and the march was one of the biggest anti-government protests in a decade, the BBC News said.

Middle class Argentines had a similar protest almost two months over out of frustration over the government's control over the economy, the Wall Street Journal said.

Kirchner won the re-election in October 2011 but her popularity has dropped since then, the Wall Street Journal said.

According to a poll by Management & Fit last month, only nearly 31 percent of the respondents approved of Kirchner's way of running the government, which is down from 64 percent a year ago, the Wall Street Journal said.

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