Analysis: Using and analyzing data in a California Watch story

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In an investigative story by reporter Ryan Gabrielson of California Watch, he examines the mishandled sex assaults among the developmentally disabled at California development centers. In the article, Gabrielson sources many records and documents. Some of the records he accessed were internal incident records, state court records, police records, and patient files. The news source even has sued the state of California for access to additional abuse records, to which a superior court judged ruled that the records should be open, but the state is appealing the ruling.

To write this story, Gabrielson needed to know how to organize and pull information from numerous records and documents. Computer skills, such as knowing how to use Microsoft Excel, would be needed to sort through large databases. Furthermore, after organizing and sorting through the documents, the reporter needed to convert this data in a way that the readers could understand.

This particular article does not include any interactive graphics to portray the data in the story. They do, however, include many photos that pertain to the story. Another multimedia aspect that they include is a video that tells the story of one of the patients who had injuries looking like sexual abuse and filed a report, but the detectives never took any action. While the videos and photos work well with the article, an interactive graphic would have been nice to the readers. The story included many numbers from data and if the article represented the main points into a graphic, the data would have been easier to read and understand.

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