Mankato coach's charges of pornographic videos are dismissed

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Minnesota State University, Mankato football coach was dismissed of his charges against making pornographic videos on Friday, the Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) News said.

Todd Hoffner, 46, was charged with two felony counts in August for videos he made on his university-issued cellphone showing three of his kids naked, the MPR News said.

Hoffner expressed innocence throughout the ordeal and said that the videos merely showed private family moments, the Star Tribune said.

"I'm thankful to be waking up from this nightmare," Hoffner said on Friday to the Star Tribune. "That last 102 days have been long, painful and a nightmare."

Blue Earth County Judge Krista Jass said in her ruling that the videos contain nude images of Hoffner's children dancing but that they do not perform in an "overtly sexual nature," the MPR News said.

Hoffner was suspended from being head football coach in mid-August and since then went through many searches and investigations, the Star Tribune said.

While Hoffner has expressed interest in returning too his former job, he will still be off from the field on Saturday for the next football game, the MPR News said.

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