More than 500 mourned at funeral service of Little Falls victims

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Classmates, friends, relatives and neighbors all mourned the deaths of high school students Nick Brady and Haile Kifer on Saturday at Little Falls, the Star Tribune said.

The funeral service was held at Living Hope Assembly of God Church and had a separate room for guests that did not fit in the main room with a video broadcast, the Star Tribune said.

Many of the students had high emotions during the ceremony and many yelled at the reporters standing near the church, the Star Tribune said.

Brady and Kifer were shot and killed while allegedly breaking into Bryon Smith's house on Thanksgiving, the Pioneer Press said.

"In a small town, everyone knows everyone," Mayor Cathy VanRisseghem said to the Pioneer Press. "This puts a sense of fear into people; you wonder if it could happen to you."

Smith, 64, is charged with murdering the students by shooting them repeatedly, the Pioneer Press said. Smith's house was a target for teenagers to break in and this was not the first time someone had broken in, the Pioneer Press said.

While Smith claimed self-defense, the authorities said that Smith went beyond, the Pioneer Press said.

"The law doesn't permit you to execute somebody once a threat is gone," Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said to the Pioneer Press.

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