Newborn at hospital was breast-fed by wrong mother

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A newborn was accidentally brought to the wrong room and was breast-fed by the wrong mother Tuesday night at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said.

Tammy Van Dyke gave birth to her son and stayed the night at the hospital, giving her son to the hospital nursery, the Star Tribune said. Her son was then taken to the wrong room during the night and was breast-fed before the mix-up was corrected, the Star Tribune said.

This mix-up carries a major risk for the newborn who could contract HIV or hepatitis B or C through breast milk, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CBS News said.

While both the mother who gave breast milk to the newborn and the newborn were tested for these diseases and tested negative, the newborn will have to be tested every three months for a year, the Star Tribune said.

Dr. Penny Wheeler, the chief clinical officer at the hospital, apologized for the mistake and said that standard procedure was not applied in the situation, the CBS News said.

"As an obstetrician, I have personally seen verification of the infant's identifying name band matched correctly with the mother's on hundreds of occasions," Wheeler said to the CBS News. "It is extremely unfortunate that was not the case this time"

The Minnesota Department of Health requires hospitals to report if any child is sent home with the wrong parents, the Star Tribune said. But since the implementation of this rule five years ago, no incidents have occurred, the Star Tribune said.

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