Space-tourism company plans trips to the Moon

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The Golden Spike Company, launched by former NASA executives, announced Thursday that they are trying to send people to the moon, the BBC News said.

Golden Spike will be "the first company planning to offer routine exploration expeditions to the surface of the Moon," according to the news release, the Washington Post said.

They have aimed for a first launch before the end of the decade and will use rocket and capsule technology that already exists, the BBC News said.

"We can do this," Alan Stern, former NASA science administrator and leader of the company, said to the Washington Post.

The company has gathered many space veterans including Apollo-era flight director Gerry Griffin and former space shuttle commander Bill Richardson, the BBC News said.

The project has also met criticism, however.

"This is unlikely to be the one that will pan out," Harvard University astronomer Jonathan McDowell said about the project. McDowell criticized space firms and said that many will fail before anything is built.

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