December 5, 2005

closing blog

it's unfortunate that i didn't get to talk with anyone at your school... but i hope you had a good thanksgiving and a happy holidays. i hope you guys found it interesting to talk with us when we visited your school and found it somehow beneficial. i hope you consider going to college and have a great future

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November 20, 2005

lincoln #2

well it's been a couple days since we visited your school, and i was just curious what you thought so far. did you like us coming to talk with you? also, you said you've gone on field trips to visit other colleges, what one would you say was your favorite? and why is that? if you didn't like any of the schools you've seen so far, why not? is there a school somewhere other than in minnesota that you'd like to go to, and where is it at?

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October 31, 2005


college is a lot different from high school or elementary school. you have to modivate yourself to do your homework, and wake up on time. you have to be responsible for yourself, and it takes a lot of growing up and getting used to. college, though, is a lot of fun. you get the opportunity to meet a bunch of new people from all over. it's a really great experience.
a question i have is, do you see yourself going to college in the future? why/why not?

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October 24, 2005

lincoln blog

Hi, my name is Kelsey and I am currently attending my first year at the U of M. When I'm not at class, I work five days a week at a restaurant in Roseville. When I'm not working or doing homework I like to spend my time with my friends. A lot of them moved away, and that's really hard. But on the other hand it's good. This way I have the chance to meet a bunch of new people, and it's not like I don't still talk with my old friends. As of right now, I'm planning to major in graphic design. I really enjoy art and working on computers so it sounds like a perfect fit.
A couple question I have for you are: What do you think of your school? Do you know what high school you're planning to go to yet? What do you and your friends like to do in your free time?

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October 16, 2005

lincoln and me

so far this paper's proving to be a challenge to me. my elementary school doesn't show up on the website we were given because it's a private school. this leaves me with two options; wing it, going off my memories, or to choose a different school that's on the website. both seem a little iffy. if i use my school anyways, i won't be able to be as precise about details, because i'm going off of what i remember form when i was like 13. on the other hand, if i choose a different school, then i won't have as much background information... so i feel like i'm stuck in a rut. in the end, i'll probably go off of what i can remember

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October 12, 2005


kindergarten through eighth grade i attended holy childhood school. it was a small private school right over by como park and the state fair grounds. the main difference between lincoln and holy childhood is the size and diversity. at holy childhood we had about 16 kids in our grade. there was only one class per grade. there was one year where there were only 2 kids in a grade. holy childhood had an estimated 150 kids in the whole school. while lincoln, on the other hand, has about 600 kids.
we had two black people in our class and one korean boy, the whites were the dominant race. it's almost the complete opposite at lincoln. only 2% of the children who attend lincoln are white, 71% are black.

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the movie we watched in class made me sad. i couldn't believe that anyone goes to school in such horrible conditions. i thought i had a crappy school, but after seeing that movie it really put things in perspective for me. i think it's riddiculous that anyone should have to go to school where you have to bring an umbrella to gym class because it leaks so much. no one should have to go through that. everyone deserves a good education, but that's close to impossible under the conditions those children are trying to learn under. something should be done, i'm not sure what, but something obviously is wrong and needs to be fixed

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October 3, 2005

sherman a & larhonda readigs

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October 1, 2005

class so far

so far i think this class is going fairly well... i've been having a bit a trouble with all the crap on the computer/internet, but for the most part it's going fine. i still believe that the revision groups are a big help. it's good to hear what a bunch of people have to say instead of having just one person critique a paper. with four people helping then there's less chance for error. if it's just one person they'd have a harder time picking out all of the mistakes. so, in short, i hope we'll still continue with the revision groups.

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September 21, 2005

mean girls

the article "mean girls" by jen albright was a really depressing article. it makes me sad and uncomfortable to see how people treat each other. i hope i never meet people like that in my lifetime. i thought the paper was very interesting, it kept me reading cause i really wanted to see how everything turned out for her. the only thing i didn't really like was the ending. i felt like we sort of got left hanging. i wanted to know more. such as: how bad was the damage to her house? did anything get really destroyed? did she tell her mom who it was that did that to their house? did she press charges afterward? why did the girls call her a slut? was there some sort of misunderstanding? if so, what was it? if not, why would they say that? i really want to know what made those girls decide to do that. also, what happened at the end, afterward? was there anything that happened? it's just really too bad what people do to each other. girls can be bitches

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