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MDG Goal 1

In our class discussion, we had a group that presented on the Millennium Development Goal 1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger.

Their case study was focus on Ethiopia because majority of the population were below the poverty line, making less than a dollar a day!

The realm of response was organization. One organization was Selam Environmental Development Association, also known as SEDA. In Ethiopia, less than three percent of their irrigable land is irrigated. SEDA help boost crop yields, number of harvests, livestocks, and milk production. They also educate the people to empower to their full potential.

It was scary and sad to see a picture of their cow that is skinny and you can see the bones of it. With the help from SEDA, the livestocks are better taken care of and able to produce more livestock.

When the connect their Millennium Development Goal to the design environment, a design was made called Design for the Other 90%. It included a life straw which let people drink the dirty water, but the life straw filter about ninety percent of the bacterias in it. Another one is the block press. It helped people make buildings by using mud to make a lot of blocks in a day, which some sell to others for profit. Also, a Q-Drum was invented. It is a barrel that can be roll on it's side and pulled by the rope. It's purpose is to hold waters instead of having mothers take time in their day to go down to the river to collect water and carrying it back to their homes. The short-term effect on hunger has improved. The only bad thing about these new design is that many people cannot afford to buy them because they are living on a dollar a day.