Assignment 2: Structure of our paper

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Elizabethan England and Marlowe

Our plan is to present our project as a lecture in a compelling and dynamic way. Our lecture will be centered around the question of Christopher Marlowe; rebel? How was or wasn't he? What did that mean in Elizabethan England? What does it mean today? To get into this subject we will begin by looking at the word "rebel" looking at contemporary ideas of what it means, asking the class if they think they're a rebel, addressing what we think of them. Then we will take a giant leap into Elizabethan England, talk about conventions of theater during the time, the religious background and the political background (including censorship of theater and writing at the time). From there we will look at Dr.Faustus, from our reading of the play and scholarly articles about it. We will talk about how Dr. Faustus was (or wasn't or maybe secretly was) a rebellious act, and whether or not that makes Marlowe a rebel, which leads us into....Marlowe himself! Basic info about his life, his espionage info, and things that may or may not have been rebellious on his part. We will bring together Marlowe, the rebel, Faustus, Elizabethan England, and our contemporary ideas about Marlowe into our conclusion. We will also have a powerpoint that will include pictures and music to bring you into the period of Elizabethan England and to aid in keeping things exciting! Also to keep us on track.

In researching this we will each tackle a different topic (all reading the play though) so as we present it we will each have a different point of reference, maybe even arguing with each other (in a civil way or cage match) over ideas and claims.

The Story of Christopher Marlowe

Whats a rebel? Comparisons to contemporary rebels (James Dean, don't worry there is scholarly evidence)

Societal Context (including religion)

Timeline of Christopher Marlowe's life

Faustus itself

How Faustus was received

Conclusions about: Marlowe as a Rebel, what a rebel is, what that meant in Elizabethan England, what Marlowe's dissent says about Elizabethan society

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Check the title of this entry. Should be: "Format of the Presentation."
Actually, though, this entry also serves as the addendum to your "Narrow Your Scope" assignment since it presents a clearer and more focused research agenda.

As I mentioned in class, you should make sure you are constantly refining your ideas about the presentation because 20 minutes will fly by. Entice the class into the time and space of Marlowe.

Thanks for italicizing things. Remember to do that for all of your citations in the bibliography.

Grade: 100%

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