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After seeing the presentations on Tuesday, I feel like the groups did better keeping track of time and not being as flustered in front of the class. Honestly, I feel so bad critiquing the presentations of other groups because at this point, I have no idea what is going to happen when I get up in front of the class. Karma could come back and bite me for saying all these critiques of other people. But, what I picked up from the group presentations Tuesday was this: don't fidget, don't keep looking at Will for time (its distracting), re-stating the argument is a good idea at the end, opening with a funny quote catches the audience's attention well, a brief synopsis of the play is always helpful, the diagrams were nice too, having a timer with you is a great idea, and if your play has cool-but-really-hard-to-pronounce-names, just try and pronounce them. It's awesome for the audience.
I was so interested in Bourgeois Drama. French history is incredibly interesting to me, so this is something that I definitely will look back into once I have more time. (finals..killer). This group talked about the period right before the french revolution and then dipped into the revolution a little bit, which I loved. They also put that awesome Brecht quote at the end.
Reading and listening to the pronunciations of the names in the Gryphius group was so awesome.

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