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Well. That was fun. All the research we did, we finally got to present to the class. If nothing else, this project made me exponentially more interested in Elizabethan Theater. It also drowned me in the abundance of information that is out there about Christopher Marlowe. I think the biggest obstacle we overcame was narrowing our project down to one person, one theme, and one play.
During our presentation, I know that I got a little nervous and did not look at the audience enough (terrible public speaking, also weird as a theater major), but I was so focused on spewing out the information and coherently as I could because there was so much we had to get through. What I liked about other groups that we didn't do as much is that some other groups would have group members chime in while other groupers are speaking. I feel like that made it appear as more of a group project than 5 people talking consecutively about the same topic for 4 minutes.
We weren't able to fit all the information we prepared into 20 minutes, but we did a darn good job in my opinion. There is SO MUCH information surrounding Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus, and Marlowe's religion. Fitting as much information as we did into 20 minutes and making it coherent was a feat in my opinion.
I love that the Roman Spectacle group did a performance as opposed to just a presentation. They also incorporated pop culture in a way that was engaging for the audience by putting in the movie clip. I don't think my group would have been able to do any sort of performance though, a presentation fit our project well.
I am happy and sad that it is over, I loved working with my group. We all had fun together and learned so much as a group. However, I am happy that we got to show all of our research to the class and get the project out there for all to see. In the future, I think either narrowing down the topics or helping us narrow down our topics would help a ton. either that or giving us more time to talk.

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You mention some things here that I find helpful, especially the connection between process and product. You are right. It is difficult to narrow a research scope and then distill that information into a presentation for others. I'm glad you also mentioned other group presentations, but I encourage you to look at your other group members' final blog entries in order to see how they provided a more nuanced critique of those projects.

I thought your public speaking was fine. No worries there. The most important thing is the structure of the information. Without a clear structure, the information becomes overwhelming. (More on this in my comments to your group's presentation, which you'll get soon).

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