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So here we are at the conclusion of this project. It has been quite the journey getting here; I am astounded at how far we have come and how we actually pulled this one off. I learned a lot about presentations, group dynamics, and of course theatre history through this process and I am grateful that I was able to participate in such a spectacle of knowledge and awesomeness.

The other groups presentations were rather phenomenal. I quite enjoyed each and every one of them. They took bold risks and made excellent choices that made their presentations so great. For example, what I really liked about the Russian Theatre presentation was how they embraced their struggles and ran with it. I think this is a valuable life lesson that can carry over into more than just a class presentation. Sometimes, history can be a little foggy, but the fog is part of the rich tapestry that is the history (or lack thereof) of the world. It was really engaging to hear about their process of research. Perhaps this is something my group could have touched upon more, if only we had the time. I will probably peruse other groups' blogs over finals week to learn about the processes of research for the others and see how we were all alike and different. What struggles did they face? Did we face any similar struggles? I'll bet that we are not all that different.

I loved the Ancient Roman Spectacle presentation because it was most engaging. It was an excellent synthesis of factual, informative teaching and exciting demonstration. It worked really well. Theirs was the perfect topic for such a performance. I would have loved to have seen what that group could have done if they were given an entire two-hour class period! It makes me wonder what my group could have done had we more seriously considered taking an approach such as this. Performance ideas were tossed around, but a straight-up lecture was declared most likely most effective, so we ran with it.

I also loved the modern contextualization of the Aztec/Mexican group. It was fascinating to hear about ancient history as it relates to the modern day - and as it lives on in the modern world. The social commentary that was pointed out was very intriguing. Isn't it interesting how no matter how different cultures may be, they always share something in common? (Such as, a snarky sense of humor and mild malice.)

I sat in the front row during this, so I could hear everything just fine, but I was worried that some more soft spoken presenters may not have been audible in the back. This is one improvement that could have been made to the presentations. The Spectacle piece was almost too rowdy and repetitive when it came to the demonstrations that ran around the room, but at least they went too interesting instead of not interesting enough.

As for our group, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of our hard work. We worked very well together and each person was on top of her game. I wish we could have flowed a bit more seamlessly together, and I wish we would have been able to create more unity between our topics. It seemed like we were a bunch of separate, yet related presentations placed into one. How could we have made our presentation more united, more one? If only we had more time to work on this and more time to make sure we were a flawless, seamless machine. I think it was so much panicking and researching and narrowing down information and getting stuff done in time that tripped us up. Imagine if we had weeks to create this and time enough to do a full class period...We could make quite the interesting presentation, I'm sure.

Other than that, though, we were within the time limit, we were engaging, and we were very informative.

My performance personally was good enough for me. I feel like my liveliness and engagement with the material was very good. Perhaps I could have spoken more clearly and cut some of the unnecessary nonsense, but I guess this is what comes of nerves. I would imagine that some audience members would think me unorganized and too spontaneous, so perhaps I could have made my preparation and hard work more evident. Otherwise, though, I am fully satisfied with my performance, as well as the group's as a whole. The Prezi presentation I made was eye-catching and exciting, so I feel like that definitely worked in our favor.

It was an interesting process. I wish we had had more time to share our research process and struggles with the class. We had so much information and so little time. Perhaps we could have cut more information, and yet...with a man so interesting as Marlowe, how could we possibly cut all the fascinating knowledge we have to share? We could have explained Doctor Faustus more, as well. Now I am beginning to ramble...

We worked excellently as a team through every step of the process. We came to agreements upon decisions as a group, with no voice being silenced. We all contributed an equal amount to the process and never once was any one of us late or unreliable as a group member. It truly was one of the better group project experiences of my life. We somehow managed to narrow an astoundingly huge plethora of fascinating information about Mr. Marlowe into a concise, pointed, and intelligent presentation.

I am very proud of what we have done.

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You should be proud of the work you and your group has done. I appreciate your reflection in this blog, and I encourage you to read your other group members' final entries in order to see other strategies of reflection and critique. I think my final comments to your group will touch on some of your comments, so I won't go into that here. I would, however, encourage you to think about the relationship between form and content in more detail. Emily and Suzi's entries were quite insightful in this regard, especially in terms of the Ancient Roman Spectacle group.

Grade for this entry: 90%
Final Individual Blog Grade: 85%

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