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Just a reflection on how I feel going into the presentation, and how the projects went so far. I feel like our group has a really strong argument, and strong research to back it up, it's now just a matter of synthesizing all of what we've done. I think one area where some of the projects suffered was to much information about things that didn't support the argument. A lot of groups didn't get to their argument until the last few minutes of the presentation and hopefully we will be able to keep our argument the focus of what we're doing. I feel good about the work our group's done, we just have to bring it all together now.

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This entry seems a bit thin, Megan. Don't stop the careful investigation of ideas that you've started in previous entries. For your final entry, I'd like to see you engage with thoroughly with the material you have just read, the questions that came up through the doing of the presentation, the specific high points or low points you've witnessed in other presentations, and/or the ways in which you'd continue to pursue your research if there was more time.

Grade for this blog: 75%

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