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We did it! I thought the presentation went well and I was proud of us as a group. I think we definitely ran into the problem of too much information that we didn't know how to properly communicate it all. I also feel like my part was not as integral as I might have hoped but that's ok, it may have been something of a tangent but I enjoyed the researching of it. I feel like it's hard to keep these presentations engaging and informative. Some of the ones that were interactive I didn't get any information from, and the ones that were informative I sometimes got bored and zoned out. I liked people's projects who could integrate their process into their presentation in a compelling way, and I just loved the Clinton story. I thought this was an incredibly useful experience in terms of learning how to do research and I will continue to use the skills I've acquired from this process.

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Megan, your enthusiasm is great. You also make some great observations about the relationship between form and content in the other presentations. Building on my last comment to you, I wish you had gone into some more detail with your reflections. For example, instead of naming the (perhaps) peripheral nature of your contribution to the presentation, hypothesize about what you would have changed, or elaborate on how your content was necessarily linked to the overall presentation.

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