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Megan Burns Final Blog Entry

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We did it! I thought the presentation went well and I was proud of us as a group. I think we definitely ran into the problem of too much information that we didn't know how to properly communicate it all. I also feel like my part was not as integral as I might have hoped but that's ok, it may have been something of a tangent but I enjoyed the researching of it. I feel like it's hard to keep these presentations engaging and informative. Some of the ones that were interactive I didn't get any information from, and the ones that were informative I sometimes got bored and zoned out. I liked people's projects who could integrate their process into their presentation in a compelling way, and I just loved the Clinton story. I thought this was an incredibly useful experience in terms of learning how to do research and I will continue to use the skills I've acquired from this process.

Johnson, Francis R. Marlowe's Astronomy and Renaissance Skepticism.ELH , Vol. 13, No. 4 (Dec., 1946), pp. 241-254

This article dealt with the way that astronomy is portrayed in Dr. Faustus and how that compares to conventional ideas of astrology/astronomy of the time. It begins talking about what Marlowe himself would have been exposed to, and goes on to discuss the ways he differed from Ptolemy in his ideas. Then it talks about the ideas of Ricius and Fine, whom Marlowe would have gotten a lot of his ideas pertaining to the universe from.

Megan Burns Entry #3

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Just a reflection on how I feel going into the presentation, and how the projects went so far. I feel like our group has a really strong argument, and strong research to back it up, it's now just a matter of synthesizing all of what we've done. I think one area where some of the projects suffered was to much information about things that didn't support the argument. A lot of groups didn't get to their argument until the last few minutes of the presentation and hopefully we will be able to keep our argument the focus of what we're doing. I feel good about the work our group's done, we just have to bring it all together now.

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