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-born 1564, died at age 29.
-studied at Corpus Christi College in Canterbury.
-little is known about his life, the "legend of Marlowe"/ "the Marlowe Myth"
-he has been speculated to be "a spy, a brawler, a heretic and a homosexual, as well as a "magician", "duellist", "tobacco-user", "counterfeiter" and "rakehell"." - Wikipedia

Was murdered three days after he was arrested. Much speculation surrounds his death.

"1.The three men who were in the room with him when he died were all connected both to the state secret service and to the London underworld. (Seaton, Ethel. "Marlowe, Robert Poley, and the Tippings." Review of English Studies 5 (1929): 273.)Frizer and Skeres also had a long record as loan sharks and con-men, as shown by court records. Bull's house also had "links to the government's spy network".( Greenblatt, Stephen Will in the World. New York: W.W. )
2.Their story that they were on a day's pleasure outing to Deptford is alleged to be implausible. In fact, they spent the whole day together. Also, Robert Poley was carrying urgent and confidential despatches to the Queen, who was at her residence Nonsuch Palace in Surrey, but instead of delivering them, he spent the day with Marlowe and the other two, and didn't in fact hand them in until well over a week later, on 8 June.( Nicholl (1992: 32))
3.The manner of Marlowe's arrest is alleged to suggest causes more tangled than a simple charge of heresy would generally indicate. He was released in spite of prima facie evidence, and even though other accusations about him received within a few days, as described below, implicitly connected Sir Walter Raleigh and the Earl of Northumberland with the heresy. Thus, some contend it to be probable that the investigation was meant primarily as a warning to the politicians in the "School of Night", or that it was connected with a power struggle within the Privy Council itself.( Gray, Austin. "Some Observations on Christopher Marlowe, Government Agent." PMLA 43 (1928): 692-4.) all from the Christopher Marlowe Wiki

- christened at St. Geroge's church in 1564
- his mother had 9 children, 6 of whom sruvived.
- although he was born into a tradesmens family, he raised himself into a higher social position through education (cambridge)
-his schooling focused on the Latin language and the teachings of the Church of England
- these teachings emphasized that it was already pre-determined whether or not he was going to heaven... how does this effect faustus.....
- he received a scholarship from an Archbishop that provided him a full ride education to Corpus Christi College in Cambridge; the assumption was that he would become a priest after graduation.
*The students at Cambridge studied rhetoric, I'm studying rhetoric right now*
- there are certain points in his college career where he just goes missing for periods of time - he left campus. It is speculated that he was going to Rheims to be trained as a catholic priest, what does this say about his supposed atheism?? AND there are too many "what ifs" in this speculation.
- after delivering a note to the privy council entitled "A note containing the opinion of one Christopher (Marlowe) concerning his damnable judgement of religion and scorn of God's word", he died within the next 2 weeks. It is unclear whether it was within 10 or 3 days, but the delivery date on the document has been altered.

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I definitely like how you ground your journal entries in specific historical facts. The secondary sources, too, provide a little glimpse into the impossibly complicated history of Marlowe. For future journal entries, it would be great it you moved away from the bullet-point format and tried to elaborate some of your thoughts in detail. More importantly, how does this information you've posted here relate to your group's focus on rebellion ?

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