Analysis: Multimedia


The first news organization is the New York Times.

The New York Times offers slideshows, interactive features, videos and audio with photos.

This interactive feature conveys information with audio that explains the plans for the World Trade Center. It also includes a map with pictures, and the areas of the map being discussed are highlighted with photos that can be enlarged. This feature complements the news by explaining the context of the new architectural plans, while explaining the old structure of the towers. The photos include one sentence putting the shot in context, and the writing is concise.

The slideshow contains typically one sentence with each photo that describes the context. Hyperlinks to relevant material are also included. The slideshow allows the article to briefly describe and put the photos in context, but then the article transitions into the bigger picture, which is the German fear of repeating past mistakes, especially between Muslims and Germans.

The second organization is the Star Tribune.

The Star Tribune offers video, audio, slideshows, photo galleries, news graphics and a place for readers to submit their photos and videos.

The videos contain a sentence about the context of the photo and related content. The videos are also divided into different sections, such as most recent, news, sports, lifestyle and entertainment, which the New York Times did not do. They also offer different news shows on their website.

The audio contains music from different artists, podcasts, and excerpts that complement the news, such as the excerpts from the near collision of two airplanes over the Twin Cities.

The slideshows contained photos with one sentences that explain the photo, which is similar to the New York Times.

The news graphics include charts, tables and maps. For example, these maps show different locations along the Mississippi River to view the fall leaves, which include directions and driving times.

Both organizations' multimedia include clear, concise writing that complements the news story. The multimedia also adds more dimension to the news story, and it allows readers to understand the subject matter more easily and in depth.


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