US Officials Believe Top Al-Qaida Leaders Were Involved in Europe Terror Plot

United States counterterrorism officials announced Friday that Osama bin Laden might have helped plan the most recent terror plot against European cities.

Counterterrorism officials believe that bin Laden and other top al-Qaida officials were involved in the planning of terrorism plots against cities in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, according to the Star Tribune.

The BBC said that the role that top al-Qaida leaders played in the terror plot is still unknown.

Top al-Qaida leaders are the only ones allowed to see bin Laden, which has led counterterrorism officials to believe that bin Laden's plan was delivered by one of his top commanders, according to the Star Tribune.

The BBC reported that the plot was to seize and murder hostages in major European cities.

For more information on the al-Qaida terror plot, please read the BBC's article here.

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