Analysis: Records-CAR

The Star Tribune article "Collision in the Courts" investigates BNSF Corp., and judicial penalties it has received for misconduct.

Paul McEnroe and Tony Kennedy uncovered court records that show BNSF and its attorneys destroyed evidence and other obstructive practices in four court cases. The Star Tribune and Pro Publica, a non-profit new organization, reviewed 200 lawsuits against the company.

Both news organizations needed to identify cases against BNSF, and how the judges reacted to the company.

The Star Tribune was fair, and allowed BNSF to respond to the investigation.

BNSF said in a statement to the Star Tribune, "It is highly misleading, unfair and plain wrong for the Star Tribune to pick these few instances to paint and malign BNSF as a company with corporate culture or failing to follow the rules of judicial conduct."

McEnroe and Kennedy needed to understand how to read court documents and what they said. Therefore, they would not misinterpret or misrepresent the fillings against BNSF.

They also needed to know how and where to find the court documents.

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