May 16, 2005

From msutliff: blocked email

Copied from Library staff Monday Memo on 5/15/2005 ---

A staff member recently asked, "How come I never receive any emails from our book vendor?" We responded back, "It's possible that the emails are being blocked." We then asked the staff member if they knew how to check whether a message has been blocked. And so begins today's tech tip, "How to check your incoming email control settings."

First, go to your "Internet Account Options" page on the web. Go to: .

Enter your University of Minnesota Internet ID (X.500 username) and password and click on the Login button. You should see a listing of your Internet Account Options. In the "Manage Your E-mail" grouping, click on the link for "Incoming E-mail Controls." On this page we see choices for how we want the University's email servers to behave when they receive your email.

Most staff will have "Allow email from well-behaved servers" chosen, which means campus email servers will block a message if they are not happy with the server that sent the message. While we do recommend this choice for libraries staff, there's a chance that something you thought should come through will get blocked. If you suspect this is happening, there is a way to help those messages get through.

First, go back to the "Internet Account Options" page. Again in the "Manage Your E-mail" grouping, this time click on the link for "Show Blocked Incoming Email." Here you will see your list of emails that were not delivered to you. Notice the last column of this list: "Make an Exception." If you find an email address that you do not want blocked (like mail from that vendor), click on the Make an Exception link for that address and it will be added to your list of email addresses that are allowed to bypass the University's site restrictions. Note, however, unblocking the email address doesn't deliver the original blocked message, you will still have to ask the sender to resend any messages you missed.

For the technically inclined (and the curious), the University also provides a glossary of reasons that messages get blocked: .

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact ITS at 4-9094 or or your IT staff in Bio-Med, MINITEX, or the Law Library.
-- Mike Sutliff and the friendly folks at ITS

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