May 16, 2005

DataEase for Biomed Tech Services

The DataEase application used by some Tech Services staff is actually delivered via a Novell Application Launcher (NAL) process from the Wilson server. Check with SysAdmins regarding current Novell login parameters.

Once logged in, the icon for Dataease should appear in the NAL window. If it does not, even after a good connection to the Wilson server(s), then a systems admin at Wilson may need to adjust some rights or settings to enable it.

At the local Win2K PC, the only requirement beyond Win2K and this link to Wilson is a local environmental variable "dename" set to match the username being used at that PC for Dataease. Set this via Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System, click Advanced, then Environmental Variables, and enter the settings for user w2kuser.

Once variable “dename” is set to match the local Dataease (NOT Novell) username, click OK until the box is closed, then shutdown the Win2K PC properly and restart.

I set dename for the Bindery Prep users as a System variable because I had the rights and was learning, but as Power User you cannot do this and frankly don’t need to. Just make it specific to w2kuser, and let me know if you have any other concerns or questions.

Posted by tapli005 at May 16, 2005 9:13 AM