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Hospital App Fun

When I began my hospital application, god was it weeks ago already? I needed my immunization records but procrastinated til last week only to find out i had COMPLETELY spaced the fact that my fam was going to Texas to visit my cousins. So I was forced to wait til I realized my aunt, who lives near my grandparents' place, would be able to get me my records because we leave her the spare keys so she can water our plants and feed the cats. So tonight I was able to finish the app part of the app, now I just need to get hold of my old boss Mary Hooper so she can fill out the online recommendation didleybob. Ha, that's gonna be fun. I should have listened to my fiance when he told me to make up a resume this summer, but after spending three months working 70 hour weeks, I wanted to have nothing to do with any of my old jobs on my mind. So in the end, what I should have done yesterday has once again come back to bite me in the butt, to quote my dear old gram.
God I want to work there so bad. I want to volunteer in the pharmacy/lab. The reason Im even in this major is cuz of my gram. She ran my town hospital's blood lab, and ever since I was 4 I would go to see her and look through the microscopes at all the blood...I grew up in that lab. And now, ironically, she's been diagnosed with a rare genetic blood disorder that causes platelette counts to soar, which was what caused the clot that caused her stroke. Bam. Theres a shocker if I ever saw. So whenever I start burning out down here, thinking how rough I've got it, I just remember my little old gram, who had been able to run five miles before her stroke, now barely able to walk five blocks, and theres my motivation to find a cure. Id BETTER, too, cuz my aunt and I are showing the early symptoms.