Chieko Ishijima, Japanese nail artist

According to The Japan Times, Chieko Ishijima rose to the top of the competitive nail decorating business by offering unique nail designs to customers, including designs with semi-precious stones and acrylic designs of anime characters, flowers, and bows.

The Times said Ishijima said nail artists are model makers, sculptors, and architects. She said they must know how to do a variety of things as nail artists in order to satisfy the customer with a unique product--which, she said, everyone is after because everyone wants to stand out in a crowd. The Times said she has about 1,000 designs to offer people, but she said she still ends up offering customized designs to many people.

Ishijima told the Times her nail designs represent Japanese spirit very well because the Japanese love miniatures. She offered origami and haiku as couple of examples of what she called "tiny expressions of beauty."

This profile works because most of the article is Ishijima's own words. It's almost like a Q&A, except the questions are left out and just the answers are shown. She gave an in-depth look on the nail scene in Japan and possible reasons why she has been so successful.

The profile might have been more successful had the questions to the Q&A been shown. It would have been helpful to see how she answered specific questions or if there were any questions she tried to avoid.

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